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              Info about Ozark Stained Glass by Sandy
Thought I should tell you a little bit about me.  I am married to the love of my life, Bill, and we will celebrate our 47th anniversary on Sept. 5, 2018!  Wow, doesn't seem that long ago.

​Besides making stained glass patterns, panels and stepping stone, we own and operate a Jersey Dairy farm.  We started milking in 1989, and has been a wonderful life.  The cows have paid for everything.  Their milk has paid for a hay barn, the dairy barn and equipment, a large loafing shed, a large horse barn and our log home we built ourselves.  Currently we are milking 62 head of Jersey and Jersey x Milking Shorthorn, we thought we would be retired by now.  Milk prices are so good now we have decided to keep milking in 2011 and probably 2012 unless something comes up.  


We also have a herd of Reg. Missouri Fox Trotting horses.  We got into the Curly haired Reg. Missouri Fox Trotter horses about 8 yrs ago when we purchased Sir Patrick's Maximum and his mother Walker's Spook.  Sir Patrick Maximum, Max, was sold in 2007 to an allergist doctor in Germany where he is now one of their many stallions!  To date he is the highest selling Curly haired MFTHBA horse!   We now have a son of Max's named

Curly Horse Website

​​​​​​​​​So, that is a little bit about us.  I am hoping that with my Bill's retirement I can focus more on patterns and panels for resale. 

Thank you everyone that has purchased patterns, had me make custom patterns or had me make stained glass or stepping stones for them.  I really enjoy the pictures you send me of your finished panels from my patterns.  So please email them to me so that I can add to this website.

Hopefully, this year, will be the first time in YEARS we will be able to go horse back riding!  Happy Trails!   Sandy

2014 UPDATE:
We are still milking cows... but in July 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had to go thru 6 treatments of chemo...and had a lumpectomy in Feb. 2015.  I still have radiation treatments to go thru.
With the Grace of God the cancer is gone, but have a long way to go to get back to my ole self.
2015 UPDATE:
Chemo and Radiation is all done.  Today 8/8/15 we are still milking..but we WILL QUIT milking this fall.  I will be turning 62 and finally we are going to retire.  Our milk cows will be dried off in Nov. and when they calve in April 2016 we will keep some cows as nurse cows to raise the Black Angus x Jersey calves and sell the Jersey cows that won't let other calves nurse as family milk cows.
I will be focusing on stained glass designs, patterns, fused glass jewelry and more.

UPDATE: 3/4/16

Sandy Phipps​​​​​​

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