I can make you custom patterns from your photos or design one for you...

​Starting today 3/3/18..if I design a custom pattern for you, I will require a 10.00 fee upfront to start...that will then be 10.00 towards the total price to complete and for your approval of the design.

This is non refundable, unless something happens I can't finish it on my part..then the 10.00
​will be refunded.

I will always try to make sure the design is what you want and will work with you till you love it.
I have always let a client view the design before paying..but recently I have made custom designs and have not been paid for the design...even though the person/s have not received the design.
I can not be doing this for free after designing for one to two to three hours and then not get anything for it.
After all they are custom designs and I can not then resale the design on my website.
I hope you understand.
That being said, I have for years had excellent clients that have always paid for design.
I love what I do and love seeing the finished panels from your photos and my design.
I have designed hundreds of custom patterns over the last 20 years.
Thank you to all that have trusted me to design your panels.
I will design the pattern for you and then email you where to look at the
pattern... It will also have a link to pay thru Paypal for the design. After payment
I will email you 1 PDF file for full page print out , 1 PDF for one page print out
and 1 color JPG of pattern.

All patterns are charged at 25.00 per hour.  The more complex the design the more it will cost.

​COPYRIGHTED:  All my designs are copyrighted by Ozark Stained Glass and or Sandra Phipps.  
​You can NOT give away, sell or put my pattern designs on the internet in any form except for finished panel. 

Any custom designs will never be sold on my website.

As a designer I take pride in my work...so please give credit where credit is due.
If I designed something for you..please acknowledge it on the internet.

Sandy Phipps​​​

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IF YOU STILL WANT A CUSTOM PATTERN YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT ozarkstainedglass@yahoo.com or call me at 417 469 2230 ​